MingCha Tea House-明茶房中国茶专门店

When you think of traditional Chinese souvenirs, tea may spring to mind, and MingCha Tea House is the perfect place to pick it up. Whether you are an expert or complete beginner with tea, the attraction provides a tea master to educate you on Chinese tea before making your choice. Selections include green, jasmine, white, black, red, flower, and oolong teas. Get involved and attend a tea tasting or tea workshop, which provides a more in-depth looks at tea selections.

Here, people will have a quiet mind, and the spirit of meditation is very beautiful. It takes time to drink tea. There must be a process to wait. The process of drinking tea is like a ritual and must be slowed down. For me, Puer tea is necessary for life and also Comfort Food. In the Ming tea room, the whole process can calm my mind and body, wash my worries and worries one day, and calm my mind. Here, everything is simple and modern, but it is simple and easy to create. It will not feel that drinking tea is very old. Drinking Puer tea can also be modern and elegant.